Lush / Valentine's Day Collection

With perfect timing to beat the post Christmas blues, Lush released their Valentine's themed collection a few days ago, filled with fun and fancy goodies. The ladies in my local Lush store are such lovely people and let me snap some photos to show you guys if you haven't been to see it yet!
Something that stood out to me straight away was the fact not everything is typically heart shaped and 'couple themed', which is great for those of us who like to be our own Valentine ;)

Floral and Citrus is the running theme I feel in this collection but not overpowering or reminiscent of going to see your grand-mother. We're talking fresh and vibrant, sweet and uplifting scents that feel indulgent as always but not heavy or sickening.

The Prince Charming Shower-Gel is to D-I-E for, sweet and fruity it will leave you smelling delectable! And is definitely a favourite of mine as I'm huge into sweet scented products.
I'm also really loving the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar - not only is it adorable in all it's pastel, star studded glory - it's filled with soothing lavender and neroli oils, great for a before bedtime bath!

See the full Valentine's Day collection here - or pop into your local Lush for the full scented experience!

Thank you again to the lovely gals in Lush Inverness

Hollie x


  1. I think I need that shower gel in my life now! Thanks for sharing Hollie! ;)

    1. Highly recommend it! Glad you enjoyed, thanks for reading :) x

  2. I need Prince Charming in my life now! I always love their Valentine's Day collections!

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