A Letter from a Bartender

Now I know it's difficult to understand when under the influence of alcohol, but spare a thought for the bar staff who have been serving you for the duration of your wild night out. Trust me, most of us bartenders enjoy a drink too!
But, whilst I absolutely love my job, I don't think people understand what it's like to keep patrons happy unless they themselves have or do work behind a bar.
From the second I started a job in the bar industry I loved it, I couldn't ask for a better way to spend my weekends. I get to socialise with people, listen to great music, pour a whole range of drinks and get paid for enjoying what I do! But sometimes I just wish people were a teensy bit more understanding. So next time you're out, keep your bartender in mind! We do work extremely hard to make your night out a great one I promise!

Now as it's my night off, I shall be burrito-ing myself in my duvet and watching movies all day. 

Hollie x


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